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Roofing Services

Whether you need new roof installation for that roof you've been considering, a complete tear off and roof replacement, re-roofing of roofing shingles, roof repairs for shingle roofs, and more, Silverback Roofing is the Boise ID residential roofing contractor you can count on to get the job done with long lasting, top quality results! Call us today to request an estimate for your residential roofing project. We look forward to helping you improve your home and your quality of life with our roofing services!


One of the most important home maintenance services you can invest in is a routine roof inspection. Having to make repairs to roofing is one of the more costly home improvement projects, especially when problems are not caught quickly enough and allowed to get out of hand. For example, you may not notice that roof leak until it has gone so far as to start forming spots on your ceiling. At that point, mold growth and other structural damages will have already occurred. However, if you schedule regular home inspections, you can rest assured that the keen eye of our roof inspection experts will be able to catch such issues before they turn into even more expensive problems that require more than simple roof repairs.



From roof leak repair to replacing asphalt shingles that have blown away due to the last big storm, our roofers have the skills and tools to ensure your roof repairs are addressed efficiently with expert care and precision.

If your roof is in need of repairs, don't ignore it. Neglecting to have your Boise area roof repaired in a timely manner will translate into more costly repairs later. Not to mention, you could end up needing a roof replacement sooner than you should due to improper care and maintenance. Roofs are built to last, but without the proper repairs and maintenance, even the best roof can suffer irreparable damages.


Idaho is known for its tricky weather. Extreme weather is notorious for causing roof damage, and you may find that your roofing is damaged from wind, hail, heavy snowfall or even extreme dryness. That constant influx of weather wreaks havoc on roofs and high quality roofing contractors and roofing construction services are often in high demand in the Boise area.

Silverback Roofing is proud to be numbered among the leading roofing construction providers in the Boise area. We have easy access to all of the greater Boise area and are your go to roof replacement contractors for your Idaho home.


If your roof is leaking you need to call the repair experts at Silverback Roofing as soon as possible. Roof leaks are not something to neglect or put on the "back burner" until better days. A roof that is leaking can cause more structural damages to your home or business than you might expect, which may result in the need for extensive replacement of various building materials, not just a portion of your roofing, if repairs are not addressed soon. 

Our crew of professional and qualified roofers will come out to attend to your roof repairs as soon as possible, ensuring a quick but thorough fix so you can be sure your property is protected from further water damages.

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